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Eames would be proud.
I have always loved the Eames Lounger and working in the field of Design i have a keen eye for attention to detail and quality. A really Eames Lounger is priced out-with many peoples budgets. However, ModBorn offer the classic design at a 10th of the price and 100% of the exacting style and quality. Priced so low it is easy to be sceptical of the quality, however, don't be! The communication from ModBorn to ensure my chair was delivered next day, to a new address and in perfect condition is worth the price of the chair alone! The actual chair itself is perfect! High quality materials, solid construction, real leather and rosewood really questions the price Vitra an Herman-Miller charge for there chairs! If i had more space i would order another one today! But i will definitely be back in contact with the level chaps at ModBorn for all my furniture needs.
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